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 Short Stories

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PostSubject: Short Stories   Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:29 am

If we move, I'd like to bring all of our old backstory and such we wrote up with us. This will also be a place for new stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: Short Stories   Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:23 am


Late Summer in Southern Texas the air was dry as usual and a group of teenagers had gathered on the beach to celebrate, a bonfire illuminated the beach where the group was playing a game of volleyball.

"This is your last day here Nick. What're we gonna do without you?" One of the group, a thin boy with short blond hair asked the boy who was his senior by two years as he served the ball to Nick's team of four.

"I'm sure you guys will manage. How could I forget my best friends?" Nick smirked, he kicked the beach ball back over the net to the other team.

"Hey no fair!" A girl with long black hair and a Spanish accent on the other side yelped as she dodged the rubber projectile, "Who told Nick he could kick? He's too fast that way!"

"Sorry, that's my fault," A slightly overweight boy informed her from her right helping her off the ground. The group laughed a bit as they began to take down the net and gathered around the fire.

"'re leaving tomorrow Nick. And here we were thinking you'd be around till senior year." Another of the group a tall thin girl with short red hair said almost solemnly.

Nick rubbed the back of his head, "Yeah, I know it... Sorta sucks having to leave you guys. Wish it didn't have to be this way."

One of the boys with tanned skin and black hair stood, "No more of this pouting bullcrap. Let's send him off with a smile! Mary, you have it don't you?"

The group reasonably brightened as the hispanic girl from before pulled out a small leather box and handed it to Nick, "It's for you. We all pitched in."

Nick opened the box and to his surprise found a platinum wrist watch that sparkled brilliantly from the light of the fire, "Heh. Thanks guys... You're awesome. All of you."

"Look at the back, we had it inscribed. Read it out loud so we can all hear it!" The red head bounced slightly in excitement.

" The sincere friends of this world are bright lights in the stormiest of nights. To: Nicholas Sinclair " Nick teared up slightly forcing himself not to cry, "I'll never forget you guys." He promised as he slipped on the wrist watch.

The next day he departed to Iwatodai like nothing had happened, forced by an unseen hand to his destiny.


Four years ago...

A younger Nick sprinted down a darkened street of Iwatodai, he had come overseas with his dad on a business trip.

"What the hell is happening?" He asked himself as he heard a shadow gurgle down an alleyway. He pressed himself to run faster harder. His father had warned him to not go out at night but the arcade was just too tempting, too impressive compared to the rundown, ramshackle buildings they called the same at home. Now, he was running back to the hotel through blood and coffins...

Off in the distance, he heard a gunshot, a scream...

He ran harder pushing himself, fueled by pure adrenaline coursing through his veins as fear consumed him. Then, he tripped and came sliding to a halt on the sidewalk as a shadow seemed to grow from one of the coffins and became a menacing creature, a lion with a ball and chain attached to its leg. Nick scrambled backwards away from it as it roared and pounced. Nick closed his eyes and tensed in fear of the pain to come but it never did. He opened his eyes and a shining figure, a human with four arms stood between him and the creature. It rose its arms into the air and electricity mixed with slicing winds decimated the beast as it exploded into black ichor. The figure then turned to Nick as it shrunk in form becoming a small golden lion, "I am thou and thou art I. I am Vishnu, the fearless perserver, the dearest friend." In a flash of light, the creature vanished and Nick slumped over exhausted.

Two years and one month ago...

Ever since Nick's awakening, his father had stopped letting him come to Japan. He knew the dangers of the Dark Hour all too well.

However, now he had heard of an extracirricular group where students of Nick's age with the potential would have a chance at normal dorm life. It was apparently run by the head of the Kirijo Group, the company he had been working for researching a material that had been termed Nyx's feather and its psychological effects on people when injected into the bloodstream. So far, the results were anything but standard. Some people when injected would talk of enlightenment and realization of thier trueselves for a brief moment. Others would go into a catatonic state that had been termed Apathy Syndrome. It was by all means a mystery to a psychologist such as himself. But, that was the past now several years later all he did was supervise trivial experiments that didn't seem to do much beyond be redundant and useless.

Now, he was headed to speak with the chairman to discuss Nick's potential that he had kept hidden until now letting the boy mature, grow stronger, and learn self-defence. He didn't want his son thrown into the mess at an early age such as the boy that Eiichiro had spoken of before the incident that he was still kept in the dark about. He took a deep breath as he entered the chairman's office.

"Hello, you must be Mister Sinclair. Mister Ikutski is expecting you, head on in." The secretary greeted him as he walked past her and into Ikutski's office.

(skipping the boring and useless discussion about Nick's potential)

"Very well then." Ikutski smiled, "I believe a place for him at Gekkoukan can be arranged. He's fairly gifted in academics and has the potential. I see no reason why he shouldn't be a part of S.E.E.S."

Nick's father nodded as he stood from his chair opposite Ikutski's, "Thank you very much sir. I'll call him right away. Tell him to start packing."



Nick opened the door to the roof of the dorm and was greeted by the cool morning breeze. Music played from his headphones as he briefly streched. He lived for moments like this where he could escape and just be alone to think and relax. Perhaps that was why he kept himself so busy, so he could enjoy his brief bits of peace more.

He took a step forward and broke into a sprint, he knew his route well. He'd run it multiple times throughout his two year stay at the dormitory. His mind drifted as he body took him along the predetermined route.

Persona... Vishnu... the fearless preserver... Nick thought momentarily leaping a gap and continuing on.

Electricity...Wind... Powers of the storm... He rolled as he made another long distance landing.

Yukari... Affection...? Nick's head clouded for a brief moment and he misjudged a jump leaving him clinging to the ledge before pulling himself up. He shook his head to clear his mind and continue onward. He tried to focus but finding himself on a subject he was at a loss for turned back not wishing to misjudge another jump and not catch himself. Then, his feelings, his thoughts wouldn't matter.

And he realized running from them wasn't going to help any.
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Short Stories
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