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 OC Bios (SEES)

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PostSubject: OC Bios (SEES)   Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:27 am

Here's the place to copy over the bios of the old RP. Will add to this soon if we move here.
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PostSubject: Re: OC Bios (SEES)   Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:12 am

Name: Nicholas Sinclair

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: he has long dark brown hair that nearly covers his eyes and piercing green eyes that seem to take in everything. he wears the gekko high uniform with silver headphones draped around his neck along with a platinum wristwatch on his wrist. (his weekend/holiday appearance is my avatar)

Personality: is rather carefree with a strong sense of justice, he is friendly to others and is very protective of his friends. However, this is only the side that he lets other see, underneath he has a severe guilt complex and struggles with chronic hero syndrome. In reality, the reason he tries so hard and wishes to be the best at what he does is to gain recognition and respect from his father, a devoted psychiatrist who is trying to cure Apathy Syndrome that has hardly spoken a word to Nick since Nick's mother died.

Arcana: Temperance

Persona: Vishnu, the Hindu god of courage, knowledge and power. His persona has two seperate forms Rama which is it's appearance in battle and has the same appearance as Persona 3 Vishnu and Krishna whom appears as small golden haired lion if Nick is letting his persona project and wander without a command

Weapon: dual wields a long sword and short sword (fights ni-to kendo style)

Abilities (Nick): Is excellent at soccer and kendo, even using his feet as a back-up weapon should emergency come up, can play guitar and sing though only in English, and an excellent cook

Abilities(Persona Now): Garu, Zio, Sukukaja, Storm Arts, Bash, Dia, Counter, Cool Breeze (Next: Magaru)

Abilities(Persona Final): Magarudyne, Maziodyne, Garudyne, Ziodyne, Victory Cry, Ali Dance, God's Hand, Akasha Arts

History: An American transfer student who has expierienced the Dark Hour since he moved to Japan two years ago, he has a decent knowledge of Shadows and Personae due to his father's connection to the Kirijo group
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OC Bios (SEES)
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