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A new Wild Card, a new SEES, a new story.
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 Rules Thread- Read before continuing.

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PostSubject: Rules Thread- Read before continuing.   Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:36 am

As with every Roleplay, there need to be rules. Now, there are 4 Mods here.

Myself a.k.a. Key (Keywieldinglegend)

Ranger (AuspiciousRanger)

Mask (OnebehindtheMask)

Storm (Stormwolfex)

I am online the most and I am also the strictest. As such, most policing around here is done by me. Anyone who breaks the rules will be given two warnings before abanning. If you want to troll people, godmod or just plain piss people off... this ISN'T the place for you.


1) No Godmodding - Fairly obvious

2) No Mary Sues - No character that has no flaws, is overly perfect and is generally well-liked by everyone.

3 No One-liner posts unless absolutely necessary. If you want to roleplay, at least put some effort into it. I can understand if you're posting from your handphone but a one-liner post like 'He nodded' is just grating.

4) No Personas of the World, Judgment, Universe, Fool and Death Arcana can be created in this forum, since both the Fool and Death have been taken and the Judgement/Universe/World Arcanas are all group based Arcanas for the Wild Cards.

5) Be nice. Everyone is here to have fun. If someone criticizes your roleplay style, especially a Mod, then take a step back, reevaluate and ask how to improve or make a stand. I expect civility with everyone. Similarly, if you think there is a problem that needs to be addressed then post it in the chat thread for evaluation.

6) Underlined and bolded text means that I'm currently in 'Mod Mode', which means I'm not going to be joking around with whatever I say.

7) Characters should be natural. I can't imagine the number of times when someone who just awoke their Personas didn't just collapse straight afterwards and began kicking ass all the time. This is a RP, not a place for you to be flaunting your Mary Sues. Even the canon characters collapsed from exhaustion from overusing their Personas. You're no different.

Cool Have fun because that's what we are all here for.

9) Explicit content (Sex) will not be allowed. Upper limit is heavy petting and WITH permission. Persona does hint at these stuff, so we can do more... heavy hinting. Sorry, but this is a rule of the new forum. No explicit content allowed.

10) Only ONE character per person. No more.


Stormwolfex (for original rules)

Edit: Rule 9 changed by yours truly, Keywieldinglegend as the new forum host doesn't allow explicit content.
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Rules Thread- Read before continuing.
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